Erin Ward

Name: Erin Ward
Place of Birth: Edinburgh
Lives: Glasgow
Year of Birth: 2005






I started skiing in Tignes when I was three years old and have skiied in Europe, Scotland and on the dry matt in Glasgow ever since.

Erin has had a successful last 12 months of ski racing in her Final year in Mini’s racing.
Erin won gold at the Ambition races and gold and silver in the English Alpine championships.
She won the bairn’s Bucket at the Scottish alpine championships which is awarded to the the fastest boy or girl when she was a year down.

Programme for 2017/2018
Erin has along with her big sister, Isla, been invited to join Apex 2100 to train the full season in Tignes with Club Des Sport de Tignes. This is a major change in Erin’s ski training. She will live in Tignes from November to April and train under the guidance of Alexander Vitanov and academy director Sir Clive Woodward.
Her ambition for the season is to win at the English and British although she will be racing against her big sister this season.
She is now getting some support for her equipment from Rossignol and Blues.

English Alpine Champion 2017 , 2015,
British Alpine Champion 2015
Scottish Alpine Champion 2014, 2013

Other Interests
Erin plays pro youth football for Glasgow Rangers Girls football and has represented West of Scotland at Cross Country Running.