3rd (United Kingdom) Division & Signal Regiment

A group of advanced, intermediate and novice Snow Boarders from the 3rd (UK) Division & Signal Regiment (3SR) based in Bulford took part in a Regimental (Exercise Mercury Snow Rider) Ski camp in Rauris, Austria over the period of 3 -17 March 2019.

The party consisting of twelve private soldiers and non-commissioned officers (NCO’s) left England and drove a total of 746 miles to Austria to participate in annual Signals Corps Snowboarding Camp lead by their Team Captain (Sergeant Darrett Thrower, Royal Signals). Over 100 riders took part in the Signal Corps championships and the 3SR team participated in both the advance, intermediate and novice training and competition programmes.

With only four training days on snow practising basic and advanced techniques, the advanced & intermediate riders starting in their competitive events on Day Six for Slalom and Slope Style seeding, at the end of the Corps championships on Day Twelve Signaller Kent (Royal Signals) came 3rd Overall, a tremendous achievement. The novice riders continued to develop their techniques but all took part in their designated competition included cross boarding and knockout events with Corporal Newton (Royal Signals) reaching the Semi-finals in his first Novice Knockout event.

The fortnight exercise was deemed to be an absolute success and an excellent opportunity to introduce non-skiers to Snowboarding and advance the well-being and mental health of soldiers in the British Army.

The Skiers Trust of Great Britain (STGB) was proud to support this adventure training venture under its key objectives to advance the accessibility of Amateur Snowsports for the members of the Armed Forces and to offset the costs of instruction and training for the novice participants.