Grant Award Scheme


1. This scheme for awarding grants to young skiers shall be known as the Skiers Trust Awards Scheme (“GAS”).

2. The following expressions shall bear the meanings assigned to them below:
“the Trust” means the Skiers Trust of Great Britain Ltd
“the Council” means the Council of the Trust
“snow sports” means skiing and any other snow sport supported by the Trust

3. The objects of the GAS are as follows:
(1) To encourage participation in snow sports by young people, particularly by young people who would be unable to participate, or participate fully, without financial support from the Trust.
(2) To encourage the pursuit of excellence in snow sports by young people, and their participation in competitive events.

Participation in the GAS
4. Participation in the GAS shall be limited to young people who are of British nationality, or who are (or would be subject to fulfilling a minimum age requirement) eligible to compete as part of a Great Britain snow sports team. This restriction may be waived by the Council in exceptional circumstances

5. No young person shall be eligible for a grant from the GAS after attaining the age of [25] years. This restriction may be waived by the Council in exceptional circumstances.

The Awards Fund
6. The Council shall set up and solicit donations to a fund (“the Awards Fund”) to support the making of grants under the GAS. The Awards Fund shall be maintained in its own dedicated bank account, and will be designated for the provision of grants under the GAS, but will form part of the unrestricted funds of the Trust. Both the capital and income of the Awards Fund may be used to make grants under the GAS. In the event that the Council decides to discontinue the GAS, any remaining money in the Awards Fund shall form part of the general funds of the charity, unless the Council resolves to designate it for use under any replacement awards scheme which it may decide to set up.

7. Donors will be encouraged to claim gift aid relief for donations to the Awards Fund where they are eligible to do so. Any gift aid reclaimed by the Trust on such donations will be added to the Awards Fund. Being a donor shall not give the individual any say in how his or her donation is applied.

Awards from the GAS
8. The Council shall from time to time solicit from the public applications for awards from the GAS. For that purpose the Council shall publish an application form which all candidates must complete, which sets out the purpose of the GAS and requires the applicant to address the eligibility criteria set out in the next two paragraphs.

9. In order to be eligible for an award an applicant must demonstrate:
(a) an appropriate degree of commitment to snow sports
(b) an appropriate degree of proficiency in snow sports
(c) that an award will make a real difference to his or her ability to progress their participation in or proficiency in snow sports
In assessing these criteria regard must be had to the age, opportunities and financial resources (including family resources) of the applicant.

10. In addition to the above criteria, the Council may publish other criteria or requirements for eligibility (not being inconsistent with the purposes of the GAS, or with the criteria set out in the preceding paragraph).

11. The Council shall appoint a sub-committee of not less than [two] persons to evaluate the applicants for awards and to make recommendations to the Council as to which applicants should receive awards, and in what amounts. The making of each award shall be subject to the approval of the Council.

12. Awards shall be made to those applicants who in the opinion of the Council best satisfy the criteria and requirements referred to in paragraphs 8 and 9 above.

13. An award may be paid as a lump sum, or may be payable in instalments over a period of time.

14. The Council shall put in place an arrangement for the monitoring of awards, which may require a recipient (or his or her parent or guardian) to report on the use to which the award has been put and on the impact on the applicant’s participation or proficiency in snow sports, and which may require the production of receipts for expenditure. Co-operation in the monitoring process may be made a condition of receipt of the award, such that, in the case of an award payable in instalments, failure to co-operate may result in the suspension or forfeiture of future instalments

15. The Council may from time to time set out guidelines for the sub-committee as to how in practice the GAS is to be administered and setting priorities (consistent with the purpose of the GAS and criteria and requirements referred to in paragraphs 8 and 9 above) for the making of awards.

16. The Council may set up a sponsorship scheme, whereby donors to the GAS over a minimum amount (to be determined by the Council) may become the sponsor of a successful applicant for an award. Such an arrangement may include the provision of information to the sponsor as to the progress in snow sports of the sponsored applicant and the opportunity to meet the sponsored applicant from time to time. While a successful applicant is under the age of 18 years his or her participation in the sponsorship scheme can only take place with the permission of his or her parents or guardians.

17. Being granted the status of a sponsor shall not give the individual any say in how his or her donation is applied.

Talent Pool
18. (a) The Council may also establish a “Talent Pool” comprising talented young skiers who fulfil the eligibility criteria in clauses 4 and 5 above, and who satisfy such other criteria as to ability in, and commitment to, snow sports as the Council shall from time to time determine.
(b) All persons who are found to be eligible for an award under the GAS shall automatically be members of the Talent Pool, but its membership is not confined to such persons.
(c) The Council shall keep the membership of the Talent Pool under periodic review.
(d) The purpose of the Talent Pool is to provide a list of persons who are eligible to benefit from such favourable arrangements for the provision of equipment, training and other snow sport related expenses as the Council may from time to time negotiate with third party suppliers