Grantown Grammar

Grantown Grammar in Grantown on Spey, wrote the following vision ‘we are working together towards realising our vision of a school which values everyone, which strives to nurture and develop each pupil to their own potential and to which parents and the community are confident to entrust their children’ so the Skier’s Trust of Great Britain were more than happy to support their application to offer Skiing lessons to groups of pupils with additional Support needs in February / March of this year.

The following is an extract of a delightful thank you letter from Mrs. Joanna Blair, Principal Teacher of Additional Support Needs:-

“Eight pupils benefited greatly from x 3 sessions up the Cairngorm Mountain and x 1 on the dry ski slope at Glemnore; where they developed individual ski skills, improved confidence and ability to work in a team. Pupils were transported to the slopes from school in a Badenoch and Strathspey Community Transport minibus, with 1 member of the SFL team [who could ski] since there was enough money in our budget to cover transport costs to and from school.

Unbelievably, despite the poor conditions our pupils skied on good snow on 10th and 24th February and 3rd and 17th March. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed working with the Instructors from DSUK at Cairngorm Mountain and two autistic pupils; Duncan and Craig, were lucky enough to get individual instruction the slopes – which massively boosted their skills and confidence on skis

Below are some pictures taken on the hill, which I am sure you will agree are a good advert for happy, active and achieving individuals. We could not conceive of organising such sessions for pupils without financial support, therefore, we would like to re-iterate once again, our sincere gratitude for your support, which enabled so many of our pupils to access a much more “elaborated” curriculum.”