Grants and Sponsorship

Guidelines and Notes for Grant Applications for Individual and Organisations.

The Trust was founded specially to promoting public benefit and all proposed activities must fall within the full objectives of the Trust, essentially there are three broad aims to promote snowsports and these are:

  • The advancement of amateur snowsports
  • The advancement of education & development in snowsports
  • The advancement of wellbeing & mental health through snowsports

Grant applications can be made at any time. The trustees will normally hold award-granting meetings twice a year in advance of the summer and winter skiing season. A Grant Awarding Working Party (GAWP) is responsible for selecting the candidates for a grant award. However, Individuals who fulfil the criteria for an award will be automatically be put into the Pool of Talent and the council will try to match the individual or organisation with a specific donor administrated through the Trust as soon as a donation is made available.

The applicant must complete all sections of the application and provide all requested documentation with financial & budget evidence to support the application. It is essential that all attachments under Section 5 are submitted otherwise the application will not be accepted and waste time exchanging of correspondence.

There are two types of applications: one for the individual and the other is for organisations and the link is below:

If you wish to apply for a grant please fill in the relevant online grant application, Individual Applications or Organisations Applications.

Health & Safety (H&S) – The Applicant is solely responsible to take all necessary H&S precautions and preparations in their snowsports activity, Skiers Trust of Great Britain accept no responsibility for any claims arising out of or incidental or an activity undertaken.
General Disclaimer – The Skiers Trust of Great Britain specifically disclaim and accept no responsibility for any claim arising out of or incidental or an activity undertaking due to receipt of a grant and it is condition or any award that this is accepted.