Grant Awards

Every year The Skiers Trust of Great Britain awards grants to aspiring and deserving individuals, groups (schools and organisations) for snowsport activities who otherwise would have difficulty accessing snowsports for purposes within our broad aims to promote snowsports for young people:

    • The advancement of amateur snowsports
    • The advancement of education & development in snowsports
    • The advancement of wellbeing & mental health through snowsports

All the grants are made through our Grant Award Scheme which aims to distribute our charitable funds with balance and fairness across all our objectives. Our aim of any award is to make a real difference.

Grant applications can be made at any time. However, we look at the funds we have available and consider applications bi-annually in order to match with planning for the European summer & winter sports seasons.

For individual young people under 18 years old developing their competitive ability, most applications are made by parents or guardians on their behalf. As a norm we support young people from 16 years old onwards. However, we expect individuals over 18 years old to make their own applications.

To enable us to consider your application in the best light it is important for you to give us as much relevant information as possible. Full supporting documents should be attached to your application.

For all applicants we need to see that:

  • A good explanation of the need for financial support and how it meets our charitable objectives
  • The applicant is of British Nationality or a British organisation supporting British Nationals
  • The grant award will be used within the next snowsports season
  • If we do not receive a completed comprehensive application then we will not be able to consider it

Individual Applications: Individual Application Form

For Individual applicants it is important that we see:

  • An independent coach report where it is to help in competitive advancement. This should detail your current capability, what you will be doing by way of development over the next year and targeted achievements at the end of it
  • Supporting financial evidence for the reasons behind your application such as invoices and quotations that any grant award will be used to pay

Group (Schools or Organisation) Applications: Application Form

For applications from organisations, schools or groups it is important that we see:
Evidence of past activities, where relevant, and the benefit they have brought to young people in relation to our charitable objectives.


The information provided with any application needs to be absolutely truthful. Should we find that any information that you give is significantly or materially wrong then we may request repayment of part or all of the award made to you.

The Skiers Trust specifically disclaim and accept no responsibility for any claim arising out of not incidental or an activity undertaken due to receipt of a grant and it is a condition of any award that this is accepted.