Ladies’ Ski Club

The Ladies’ Ski Club is one of the world’s oldest ski clubs, founded on 23 January 1923 in Murren, Switzerland to promote ski racing and good fellowship among skiing nations.

 A Historic Photograph of the LSC in Murren circa. 1923

The main focus of the LSC is to raise funds for deserving young female snowsports athletes. Award recipients will have shown particular determination and commitment, both in competition and in training, and will benefit so much from the financial help as well as the encouragement and support we can give them. Most female British Olympians have been members and many received awards from the Club to help them achieve their ambitions and of these Chemmy Alcott is probably the most famous.

Girls learning a course

The annual British Schoolgirls’ Races are organised by the LSC, and for many young girls it’s their first chance to ski down a race course.

For some the thrill of speed and the comradeship of other competitors is so addictive that their lives become shaped by their dreams of success, dreams which are too often frustrated by lack of funding.

Each year the LSC gives awards across the disciplines, alpine, ski cross and telemark as well as disabled skiers.

One Award winner wrote: ‘I cannot believe how generous the LSC have been to me this year, just an amazing and life changing sum of money’

The single award is made to a female racer who shows exceptional commitment and passion to become an international competitor. The selection of potential recipient is proposed by the fund’s nominator. The award is made on annual basis in accordance with the criteria of the Skiers Trust charitable objectives and Grant Award process.

2019 RecipientJaz Taylor