Skiers Trust Grant Award 2019 Recipient

Edouard Guigonnet
who is a member of GB Snowsports FIS Team

Edouard (Ed) Guigonnet (DoB 2001) lives in St Martin de Belleville, France. Ed is still at school, taking his Baccalaureat exams this June 2020, and hopes to go to University in October.

Ed is a member of the Les Menuries Ski Club and has been racing since 2007, he is in his 3rd year Alpine FIS Squad and trains with Orsatus, a private club based in Les Trois Vallées, France. Last year (2019), Ed represented Team GB at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Sarajevo. This winter is his first year U21 and is aiming to improve his FIS points in all 4 Alpine disciplines, but in particular slalom and giant slalom, with the aim of moving rapidly onto the Europa Cup circuit.

Ed’s long term goal is represent Team GB at World Cup level, with an eye on being selected for the Winter Olympic Games 2022.

Ed Guigonnet Racing