Strategic Command Defence Digital


A joint services adventurous training exercise was organised through the Strategic Command’s Defence Digital Headquarters at MoD Corsham organised and led by Flight Lieutenant George Bowring-Lossock RAF utilising adventurous training to contribute to military effectiveness, fighting spirit and personal development. In addition, the expedition offered the opportunity to develop teamwork, self-discipline, determination, coordination and courage. The adventurous training provided a balance in the lives of Service Personnel who are subject to the immense pressures of military commitments and periods of high tempo operations, thus it provides an invaluable opportunity for decompression and assists with maintaining good mental health.

There was a mixture of regular and reservist service personnel in a group of fourteen, made up of service personnel of all ranks across the three services and two military ski instructors, who spent a week in the French Alps at Montgenèvre, France in February.

The group was split into two sub-groups depending on the skiing expertise of the participants. The first group were eight beginners and the second had an advanced group of four skiers along with an instructor for each group.

The first group concentrated on basic skiing skills and the second more advanced with ski touring and off-piste techniques.

The Skiers Trust grant of £1750 was given in accordance with the advancement of wellbeing & mental health through snowsports and also the principle objective of improving efficiency of the Armed Forces in promoting joint adventurous winter training activities. The timing of this trip enabled the strengthening of team cohesion, fitness and resilience at an excellent time for those who attended and would not have been possible without the grant from the Skiers Trust.