The Craig Macfie Foundation

The Craig Macfie Foundation was established by Craig’s family to honour, celebrate and remember Craig’s life while promoting local and national skiing and raising awareness about the dangers of drink driving. Craig was killed by a drink driver in November 2011 while studying at Oregon University.

Craig Macfie

Craig was a passionate skier from a young age, loving all aspects of the sport. He was a member of the Scottish and British Ski Teams and attended two World University Games.

The Foundation aims to make two awards per year, one to a Lothian Ski Racer at the Craig Macfie Classic race and one to a British male FIS skier at the British Championships. The fund’s nominator proposes the recipient and the awards are made in accordance with the criteria of the Skiers Trust charitable objectives and Grant Award process.

Robert Holmes – FIS racer
Freddie Horn – LSR trainee
Zak Vinter
Murdo Watson
Laurie Taylor
Joe Grieve