The Skiers Trust Of Great Britain

As advised in previous statements, the Skiers Trust has been undertaking a series of procedural reviews during which time and with legal advice, financial activity has been frozen. These reviews have now been completed and the results have been passed to the HMRC. We anticipate an early response after which, and subject to HMRC approval, the Trust will recommence operations without delay.

As soon as the ‘green light’ is given by HMRC, all existing Bespoke Fund holders will receive a priority e-mail advising them of the re-commencement of financial activities along with any changes to the procedures that HMRC may deem necessary. The web-site will be updated at the same time.

The Trustees wish to re-emphasise their gratitude to all fund holders and donors for their patience throughout the past 6 months; we have full confidence that within the next few weeks, at most, operation of the Trust will recommence and we will get back to doing what we do best and is our sole purpose – aiding British skiers and snow boarders.