The Skiers Trust Of Great Britain

Since October 1966, the Skiers Trust of Great Britain – originally the British Ski Education Association, has endeavoured to provide financial support to British skiers and latterly snow boarders. Much of course has changed in the world of charities in the 50 years since the Trust was formed as indeed have the regulations governing them and that is why today, the Trust is reviewing the activities it undertakes in the light of the relevant regulations. Complex charity law required that we seek legal advice on a number of aspects of the Trust’s operations and the Trustees have been formally advised to cease financial activities whilst the review is undertaken until formal resolution is achieved. Whilst there is currently no clear indication when this will be, The Trustees are working hard to see the matters resolved as soon as possible. Naturally, all associated with the Trust regret any inconvenience the current financial ‘stop’ may be causing and they give their assurance that the work to clear any problems will be effected as soon as possible and relevant information, when received, will be passed via the web site to all interested parties.