The Skiers Trust, needs your help supporting all disciplines of British skiers and snowboarders


  • Help the less fortunate to experience the sport
  • Help to open up opportunities for many more children
  • Help to put Britain on the podium at the Winter Olympics
  • Help the development of training programmes
  • Help the research into environmental issues
  • Help the safety in skiing and skiing areas and accident prevention
  • Help improve the access to the sport
  • Help education and training in ski safety and ski instructing and coaching
  • Help and support for those who have or are suffering from a skiing related injury or illness
  • Help for the armed forces to experience, teach and coach skiing



Mission Statement

In an expanding urban society, it is now increasingly important to offer young people activities that will allow them to develop their initiative, individuality and courage. As well as being a healthy pursuit, snow sports, in its various disciplines provides just such challenges. In the mountains, on artificial ski slopes and more recently indoor snow slopes, the skill and determination of the individual are set against the elements in that lies the attraction and the challenge opening up opportunities to many more children which were almost unattainable in the past. Developing aspects of self-discipline, personal responsibility and leadership qualities are among the many benefits of the snow experience. Thereby snow sports fulfils a need which is fundamental in today’s society and the importance of such a challenge has never been so urgent. The Skiers Trust aims to provide the opportunity for the young to extend themselves and their ambitions in an ever more demanding world.

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