The Skiers Trust Of Great Britain


Since the last notice on the website we have tried to establish contact with the head of the charities department on a regular basis. As previously mentioned the Trust has undergone an inspection by HMRC. They are then required to advise the trust of what further measures need to be undertaken.

HMRC have apologised for the length of time it has taken but would be making a ruling in the near future. This was over four months ago and despite being in contact with the inspector since then, this has not happened. We now understand that the inspector has been moved to another department but we are still in contact with him and he is trying to find out the current position.

The trust’s finances are still fully in order and the annual accounts will be available shortly. It must be understood that the Trust cannot return to operation until this ruling has been given by HMRC.

The trustees wish to thank all fund holders and donors for their patience throughout the past 12 months; we will eventually have details of HMRC’s requirements. The operation of the Trust will recommence and we will get back to doing what we do best which is our sole purpose – namely aiding British skiers and snow boarders.