The Skiers Trust Of Great Britain

For over 50 years The Skiers Trust of Great Britain has increased the accessibility of snowsports to all young people whatever their background, to promote skiing as a healthy activity and grow talent of our national junior ski teams. To continue this essential support, we are raising funds to continue our work. We appeal to anyone who would like to get involved with the charity to contact us. Fundraising is our major focus for 2019 to allow us to grow our charitable support.

Our focus is illustrated in our Mission Statement and Objectives –

“The Skiers Trust of Great Britain (STGB) is a grant awarding charity supporting the education and development of snowsports activities for amateur, abled, disabled and disadvantaged young people, organisations and junior members of the armed forces. The aim of the trust is to improve accessibility, awareness and opportunity to all snowsports to promote wellbeing, self-discipline, personal responsibility and leadership qualities in the pursuit of excellence”

‘Founded in 1966, the Trust’s objectives are specifically restricted to promoting for the public benefit’:

  • the advancement of amateur snowsports:
    • improving access, awareness and opportunity to all snowsports
    • supporting talented young people who wish to develop their competitive ability in the pursuit of excellence
    • enabling junior members of the armed forces to experience snowsports
  • the advancement of education & development in snowsports:
    • supporting education and training in snowsports
    • supporting education about climate change issues in the winter environment
    • supporting instruction and development for snowsports to members of the armed forces
  • the advancement of wellbeing & mental health through snowsports:
    • promoting snowsports recreation to abled, disabled and disadvantaged young people to improve wellbeing
    • supporting those who have suffered or are suffering from mental or physical anguish from competitive snowsports
    • assisting in snowsports training for the armed forces to offset post-traumatic stress

For further information please contact us.

Give a donation in your will or use the donor gift aid form here, share the enjoyment and pass on your love of skiing to the future generation of skiers and boarders ensuring the wonder and beauty of the mountains you have enjoyed will continue for many years to come. Sponsor a skier or boarder from our pool of talent which you can see by clicking on this link.

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